Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life In The Country


These are our little duckies. The little black one is named Shadow and the stripped one is of course named stripes. They are funny little guys. If you pick up one the other one goes to chirping, since they don't quack yet, until you put them back together. They peck on each other, splash each other with water and soak the paper in the bottom of their cage on a minute by minute basis. Both of them get on one end of the cage and sprint (or should I say quickly duck waddle)to the other side.


These are the baby chicks. They are not really my thing but they will be going to my mom's soon. We started out with 18 baby chicks. Within the first hour home, one died. Then the first night, one drowned in the water thing that the feed store recommended and one other died but I don't know why. Then over the weekend we ended up with 6 more that died for God only knows why reasons. So we are down to 9 baby chicks and they are the loudest, rowdiest chicks I can remember. I was disappointed and slightly grossed out with their passing (thank God JT is a fireman and can handle things like that because for me, I was not going to bury them) but this is our first go round with baby anything so I think we are doing alright.

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