Friday, March 12, 2010


I was never fond of homework even when I was a kid and had no choice but to go to school. Now I am going to college full-time, I work full-time, I am a full-time mom and a full-time wife. Ugh! Would it be possible for me to do anything part-time, lol?

This semester or block of classes I have Introduction to Psychology (which should help me be able to understand why the ex-wife is crazy) and also Ethics and Laws in Human Services in the Medical Industry. Ok, I understand the Ethics and Laws part but I am not going into the medical field, don't care about HIPPA, etc but to give you an idea. The picture is my reading assignment for my Ethics Class for one assignment. It's 4 different articles, 2 of which are 20 pages, 1 is 12 and the last one is 6. Lord help me because I didn't get to spend much time with my husband last weekend because we were busy entertaining, this is the first weekend we have been kid free for a month and I was looking forward to time with him but guess he's sharing with homework, lol.

We are also going to my mom's for the weekend. She lives on 22 acres and I am so taking advantage of the whole 22 when we are down there with the 4 wheeler. We are also celebrating my grandparent's 40th wedding anniversary. So between my obligations, I am going to enjoy every second with my hubbs.

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