Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Starts With the Introductions

My cousin-in-law Brandie has a blog site and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Not sure how many readers or followers I will end up with but our little life is so full of things that are worth sharing. So I decided to do the introductions so that you get to know our family.

There is Jeremy also known as Jerm and JT. Jermey and I dated in high school and were very serious until he made the decision to go to the Army and I made the decision that scared me and we broke up. Jermey was in band, played the tuba, went to the Army for 3 years, came home, married the ex-wife, started working for the school district,had two sons, got divorced, moved to the country, joined the volunteer fire department and well that brings us to current.

Next is me, Joni. I don't have any cool nicknames like everyone else in our entire family. I am just me. I was also in band and played flute and tenor sax (yes, band would be the way JT and I met to begin with), got married, had 3 kids, got divorced, had one more, had a few long term relationships that didn't go anywhere (thank God), started going to college full-time, met back up with JT after 14 years and well, yeah, here we are.

Joel is the oldest in our 6 man football team, lol. Joel is 13, plays football and runs track. He is very much a typical teenage boy with girls on the mind, dealing with raging hormones, acne and trying to find his place in the world. He is tall, taller than me and he is just 13. His feet have been bigger than mine for years. I still remember holding him when he was firs born, boy I miss those days. Joel is known as Lil Joe, Joe Joe and Joe Joe from Cocomo. He is funny and smart but also very sweet.

Next in the line up in Jonathan. Also known as Jon Boy, Jon Jon or Hoss to his older brother's Lil Joe, he is a very quiet, sensative, shy boy with a heart bigger than the size of Texas. Jonathan has dyslexia so reading is a challenge for him but he tackles it head on forcing himself to read chapter books to practice. He is a country boy and loves everything about the country: hunting, fishing, just being outside.

Next come the girlies, right in the middle of things of course. Jillian or Jill the Pill or Jilli comes first. Jill is also a quiet child, very loving and affectionate. It is easy to fall in love with Jilli. She has the dark eyes that will hook you before you see it coming and a beautiful smile to boot. She is very girly and loves anything pink and sparkely.

Mini Me, Alexis, also know as Lex, Lexi and Lexi Lou Lou, comes next in line. I swear I conceived this child by myself because she is my twin to a tee. There is not a feature I can find on her that isn't identical to me. She is like me in personality though a little more tom boyish than I will admit that I am. She tells it like it is, isn't afraid of much but she is a good girl.

Next is Bryan. JT calls him Monkey because he liked to climb when he was a baby but I call him Bry. He is into his video games and of course likes his 4 wheeler. He is very smart and at times too much for his own good. He hates his homework and doesn't try very hard to work on it, I think it's more because it bores him and doesn't challenge him.

Lastly there is Nicholas or Nick or Nickey. Though he looks nothing like JT, he is JT all day long. He is a sweet kid with this big smile that will make even the worst day seem instantly better. He will give you hugs just because and tells you he loves you all the time.

This is our little all American, blended family. I hope our adventures keep you entertained and also reminds you that we are not in control, God is.