Monday, March 8, 2010


My weekend was wild to say the least. Friday we had to pick up last minute stuff for the little family reception we were going to have and we ended up going to bed after midnight. Saturday morning I attempted to sleep in, yeah, that was a no go because I had to make favor boxes and get myself and my 8 year old daughter out the door and to go buy dresses.

Lexi found a really cute dress at Ross, which was the 2nd store we went in and she was done shopping but I had to inform her that shopping was going to be an all day ordeal so she better get comfortable. After what felt like a bajillion stores, I had my dress, actually two, and we were headed home, of course this was after she got something new at almost every store we went to plus got lunch at Olive Garden.

Saturday when we got back, I helped JT as much as I could and then had our redneck bachelor/bachelorette party with some of JT's cousins and my brother-in-law Bobby and about 10 kids. This is how you party after you become a parent...lol.

Sunday morning was hectic and the church service seemed to take forever and then it was time. Twice I had to stop myself from crying and I knew if JT started, I was done for. No one ever prepares you for how many butterflies your tummy gets when you are getting married.

Back at the house we had about 40 people I think between family members, friends and kids. Almost all the food we got was gone, most of the drinks and since it was rainy and muddy it made for an interesting time.

My mother-in-law bought me a cake, which I wasn't thrilled about at first but man it was good and pretty in pink too, lol.

After taking Alexis to her dad's, we finally made it to our hotel room for the night about 1130pm and the only thing I wanted to do was shower and go to sleep. I never understood why people wanted to sleep on their wedding nights but now I know. Both of us are back at work this morning but I am officially Mrs. Jermey Taylor.

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