Monday, April 5, 2010


Ok so I am a dork! I am prone to accidents and I catch every illness my children and husband bring home from the public school districts that they go to school and work but this one is funny.

Last week I was blow drying my hair with hair dryer in one hand and hair brush in the other in the hand above your head position. Well the urge to sneeze hit. I don't just sneeze one time, it's more like a million times, so I kept one hand up and covered my mouth with the other. So the arm that was up, I hear my shoulder pop and it begins to hurt.

So 2 days of resting and not using it and then Easter weekend hit and of course I probably over did it. Now it hurts up my neck and down part of my arms just typing and hitting the buttons on my telephone at work.

My friend suggested I go see a chiropractor, my husband says let's doctor me at home, no insurance says and MRI is out of the question but it's not getting better and it is hurting worse!


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  1. Owww!!! That sounds painful! I'm sorry that happened to you, but trust me! I TOTALLY understand how it could! LOL!