Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

So my shoulder has been bothering me for a week and I decided, on the advise on a few friends to see a chiropractor. Now I have NEVER gone to a chiropractor before so I was slightly scared, yes me, scared. So I get to the chiropractor's office and I'm waiting for my husband to get there, told you I was scared. JT finally gets there and Dr. Taylor (no relation) comes in and starts this battery of tests.

So once we get past all the tests we begin all these procedures. I got electroshock therapy on my shoulder and neck, I got laser light on my neck and shoulder, I got some kind of joint movement thing done but the two things I am still laughing about.

The first thing is the pink tape. They clean my shoulder with alcohol and put this tape, pink of course. This is suppose to pull everything up so that the range of motion can improve and also so the C5 and C6 nerve endings can heal. Kind of weird but ok.

Then I got adjusted. Lord I did not know it was possible for a person to snap crackle and pop that much! LOL! I'm sore today but I felt like jello after I left. My husband is being patient although he would like his wife back to normal as soon as possible.


  1. i love getting my back adjusted i always feel like ooo now i should go get a massage or something lol hope your feeling better

  2. i'm jealous, i need a trip to the chiro so bad. thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

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