Monday, May 24, 2010

140 cupcakes/30 cookies

So the baby of the 6 pack graduates Kindergarten tomorrow. For me it is bitter sweet because my baby boy is growing up, the end of the days of the baby and on into the big boy world. I remember when Joel started Kindergarten and then Junior High, I cried both times. When he was in Kindergarten he consoled me and told me he wasn't scared and I didn't have to cry. When he started Junior High he got embarassed because the once cool mom, at least I thought, was now embarassing him in front of the cool kids.

It hasn't been easy to get Nicholas through Kindergarten. Each day is a struggle to get him to listen, to stop playing and do his work so yes, it is a big deal in our house when he brings home a green face. In honor of him graduating, I decided I would make his class some graduation cupcakes, yeah, except I was informed that I would be making cupcakes for the entire Kindergarten.

Now we live in a small town, I mean small but we have a water department, a fire department and a post office along with the school that not only services our little town but the 2 other towns on either side of us so that makes Kindergarten a total of 66 kids not even counting the teachers. Now if I do something for Nicholas, I also have to do something for Bryan. Thank God it wasn't the entire 4th grade, lol.

So I decide I am going to use Duncan Hines box cake mix since I have so much success from them and that is what Wilton recommends also. Figuring, without reading the box of course, that I will need 8 boxes of cake mix to be on the safe side since 1 box must equal 1 dozen cupcakes.

Sparking up the 2 mixers I have in my kitchen, I embark on a mixing mission pouring each batch of vanilla cupcake batter into a giant red bowl I have. 7 cake mixes later the giant red bowl is filled to the top and I mix the chocolate cupcake mix while I begin filling cupcake liners. Well, let's just say my calculations were off by ALOT!

Including the chocolate cupcakes minus the 4 that JT and I ate some where in the middle, the count is at 140. For Nicholas' cupcakes they are going to have graduation caps on them made out of mini reese's cups, chocolate squares, blue mimi m&m's and icing (I'll post pics and instructions when i am done). For Bryan's we are going to ice them and put a sugar cookie on the top that has a bulldog footprint (again will post pics).

Thank God I have no homework tonight so I can come home, make dinner for the hubbs and start on the completion of my little master pieces. I guess I should be getting off here for awhile and getting ready to go to that nasty place known as my job. ttyl.

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  1. you are the best mom in the world...my son just graduated from high school here in beautiful Hawaii,where the population is roughly 500 people in the town we live in.He has 67 graduating classmates,so i made 67 flower leis.(and here i was,frantic over 67 leis,when u made almost 200 cupcakes) I hope they enjoyed them. i worked so hard. p.s. can u adopt me?lol.