Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!!!!!

Happy 4th of July folks! What kind of plans do you guys have? Usually we have big plans on the 4th of July but this year is a little different. With the accident, it has us down to 1 vehicle currently though we have many things in the works. This year we are just recovering from 2 job losses so this year, we are doing something a little different than we usually do. Tomorrow we are going to church as a family, we are then going over to my aunt and uncle inlaws house with my inlaws and all the kids and having a bbq while fighting mosquitos and rain so we can shoot off fireworks.

It may not sound very fun and it may not sound like I am very excited but I am in fact excited about it. I have a great mil and I love her dearly so any time with her is great. Time my husband, which has become very precious since we now work opposite schedules and both have very physically demanding jobs has come into play. Time with my children, minus one since we will be going to court soon, is always great.

I'm looking forward to not having to pack up a bunch of stuff and travel somewhere. I have next weekend off too and then back to my working every other weekend schedule so I am grateful for this time with my family.

Thank you to all the people who serve or have served in the military and for all those who have died for my freedom. God bless you all.

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